Thursday Thirteen #47

Thirteen reasons why my little boy loves his duck…

  1. He can “share” all his food with the duck.
  2. He can “share” all his sippy’s/smoothies/etc with the duck, including loud smacking noises and much laughing on my part.
  3. The duck is always there waiting for him no matter how much he kicks him, hits him, throws him, leaves him, and otherwise abuses him.
  4. The duck always seems to be clean regardless of the chalk/vegetable oil/marker/food/soy milk that is spilled on him (thank you, mama and the washer).
  5. The duck can go everywhere with him, being just big enough to cart along without tripping over or dragging on the ground.
  6. The duck makes a great bedtime companion, as he always puts Duck under his belly and sticks his behind up in the air with a sigh of contentment.
  7. The duck can play video games (or so he thinks….) – much to the little guy’s delight.
  8. The duck is a great playmate who chases him around the house, plays peek-a-boo, and other endless games.
  9. The duck doesn’t mind sitting thru endless “readings” of books.
  10. The duck never yells at him during his adventures, but rather joins him in sitting up on the kitchen counters, dumping food items all over the floor, or coloring on household items.
  11. The duck has his own song, which we all sing joyfully, and which the little guy repeats while dancing around with the duck.
  12. The duck is a great dance partner who never gets whiplash.
  13. Duck is a forever friend, much loved by the little one!

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  1. awww…such a sweet post.
    i love your designs above.

    thanks for the visit!

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