50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents – Thoughtful & Personal

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents - Thoughtful & Personal

  • When considering your 50th anniversary gift ideas for parents, remember that thoughtful gifts can mirror their golden anniversary theme. One personal idea for this is a spin-off of an anniversary money tree. First, spray the branches with gold leaf. Then, “plant” them in a golden pot, and decorate with little sacks holding chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil. Add other gold mini-gifts for interest. For example, some things to use can be jewelry, small gold-plated photo frames with family images, and anniversary messages written on bits of rolled white or golden stationary. Affix all of these beautiful things onto the tree with gold ribbon or lace.
  • Mark this momentous occasion with a hand-tailored gift to suit their interests. Give a photograph of the happy couple and their family in a golden photo frame. Purchase tickets for a sports event, show or fun trip; consider gift cards for their favorite restaurant or theater. For an extra themed touch, wrap up the tickets or gift that you buy with a golden colored ribbon or lace. Golden jewelry for your mother and a gold watch or key chain for your father would likewise make lovely memories of their special occasion.
  • Make a photograph album or a video for your folks to mark this extraordinary day. Arrange pictures from each phase of their lives, from the first time they met, to their wedding, through parenthood and growing old together. Choose to either place them in a pre-made photo album or make your own scrapbook. Browse through old home movies and arrange those in a similar way, including all phases of their life together if you have video of each stage. At an event, use a camera and record every visitor’s recollections or messages to the honorees. Photographs and recordings can likewise be burned onto a CD or DVD disc to give as cute gifts to all of their loved ones. To add to this gift, you could request ahead of time that relatives (and / or close friends) write a memory, poem or letter to parents. Then, incorporate them into the scrapbook or another separate book for them to treasure always.
  • Now sometimes, gifts can be a source of embarrassment, or the guests of honor simply do not wish any (for various reasons). In this case, you could consider donating to a cause or multiple causes that are important to them. Then, this also allows any guests who wish to give a gift to contribute in kind. Another great idea without actually wrapping up something (or as a surprise gift after the fact if you wish) is a “something-of-the-month” club. Things such as cheese, fudge, fruits, coffee, tea, etc. are delivered right to their door each month for their lasting enjoyment. You could also gather funds from members of the family to help pay for things that will make your parents’ lives easier, such as housecleaning service or lawn service.

  • For a personal gift idea, consider something that speaks to the year they were married! Do they enjoy reading? Perhaps a meaningful book or even a Bible that was published 50 years ago to commemorate that year would touch their hearts. If they love wine or other aged spirits, a 50 year old bottle with their wedding year on the label may be just the thing. The same with antiques, if they collect something in particular, a special item from fifty years ago could be the perfect choice. Consider what they appreciate and more ideas may spring from this as well.

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents - Thoughtful & Personal

  • For a lovely, handmade memory, give a little square of fabric to each of the family and friends invited to the anniversary gathering. Request that they share a special message to the 50th anniversary pair on that square. For instance, sew, embroider, fabric paint or write with permanent fabric marker. Then, set a date for the squares to be returned, so that you have time to assemble the quilt. Stitch the squares together, backing them with quilt backing, to create a memorable 50th anniversary craft from everyone. If you personally do not sew, assign this task to another family member or friend with this skill who would love to bless them with their work. Make sure to give credit to the one who assembled it also!
  • If this is something that they would enjoy (and they are U.S. citizens), you can request at least 6 weeks ahead of time for a Presidential greeting to be mailed in honor of their 50th anniversary. Simply complete their form right here: Request a Presidential greeting from the White House. That same page does also outline how to call or postal mail them, if you prefer.
  • A lot of couples could not afford the cost of a honeymoon (or at least their perfect one!) when they were first married, and always hope and dream that they will take one later. If that is true for your own family, consider giving a combined gift from everyone – the honeymoon wedding trip they they wish that they had! Now, if you already know where they would like to go, you could even plan the trip, giving them the tickets for their destination in their anniversary card. You may be able to find out their dream honeymoon when asking questions for their relationship game quiz question interview. See these anniversary party game ideas for more details on that and to find nine more fun games as well.
  • Create a DVD slideshow of their years together. Notwithstanding their position on gifts, any couple wedded for such a long time enjoys spending time with their family and friends, viewing the history of their marriage. For a nice touch, start the show with photos of the happy pair as children and work forward in time. As births, special holiday occasions, memorable vacations, and fun moments are shared working forward to this present day, fun anecdotes and memories will be recalled! Make it a point to incorporate some of their favorite music from throughout the years as the soundtrack for extra keepsake value. Plus, if you make copies of this DVD, it makes the perfect take home favors for your party attendees.

Finally, see these fiftieth anniversary party ideas to help with the planning of your event, and many different custom wedding anniversary invitation designs to suit your unique style of celebration!50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents - Thoughtful & Personal

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