Thirteen of Lil’ Duck’s Christmas presents

Not that I couldn’t list many more than thirteen, he is the only grandchild on three sides and makes out like a little bandit at Christmas and birthday time. However, we’ll just pick thirteen of Lil’ Duck’s Christmas presents to highlight today ;).

  1. His iDog, which he is surprisingly gentle with and really enjoys. It’s something I wouldn’t have thought to give him as I think of it as a grown-up toy, really, but he loves it and it is so cute!! He likes to make it growl and dance while he adjusts its ears accordingly.
  2. Andy the Airplane who has the added draw of being able to haul things in his nose – the McQueen cars are always hiding in there while it flies around the house. He’s sturdy too, having survived the trip home in the suitcase, several smashings on the concrete lanai and other random abuse (including an accidental kicking across the room when left on the floor in the middle of the night).
  3. His very first Elmo, Shout Elmo, given to him by a loving auntie who lives far away and will never have to be tortured by Elmo’s endless singing. I thought that the much-coveted TMX Elmo was rather cute, but this one really is sort of lovable…. for a toy that sings and dances and laughs. Lil’ Duck loves him, of course, especially to knock him over on purpose to hear him say “Oops, Elmo fell down, hee hee hee”. Poor thing.
  4. The Geotrax sets that he received were also a big hit, especially with the motorized engine. Now if we can get him to shut it off….
  5. Several Crayola Color Wonder sets were also a big hit, especially the Cars themed ones. I just like them because I don’t have to clean marker/crayon/pencil/pen off of every surface in my house…..
  6. His new Race Car Twin Bed, which he actually got a week or two before Christmas, is a huge hit. Not really to sleep upon, but to hide in the hood and race the little cars over the sides and headboard area. WOW!
  7. The Weebles collection was enhanced by several little villages and other spinning playsets, which are of great amusement to the little one and great noisy headaches to the mama & daddy ducks. Now we need more creatures, as ours keep getting lost and hide and await your feet in the middle of the night (perhaps it’s a sign that we shouldn’t be walking around the house at night without combat boots and a searchlight….).
  8. His little Cars Doodle pad, a smaller one than this deluxe version, is quite bemusing to him (I color, then it goes away, but I can only color on this pad thing??). However, I think he likes it, since I got it at Kohls 1/2 off for something like $4, it was well worth it. The giant version looks cool but is rather pricy and looks like it is begging to be stepped upon.
  9. His very first “Cars” car – “Blue McQueen” – Dinoco McQueen has been much loved and lives in Andy the Airplane most of the time. It had to come on the trip and comes out on every car trip, plane trip, or walk that we have. He also sleeps with this and his other little cars.
  10. “Red McQueen” – Lightning McQueen is his counterpart, which he received for> Christmas and LOVES.
  11. The much-loved Mater is also often seen with the McQueen cars, causing quite a stir when he doesn’t fit into places where the other two go easily. Ah, the life of a tow truck. Daddy Duck gets to do the Mater voice quite often, as he made the mistake of doing it once and is now doomed to repeat every little thing Mater says, complete with the accent, on demand.
  12. Many various little cars and other creatures with wheels, now traveling around my house. The “bus” aka car trailer, where all the cars can ride, is a big hit as well.
  13. After his trip to the John Deere museum, he got a little John Deere tractor which is also a beloved creature, traveling around with us wherever we may go.

33 Responses to Thirteen of Lil’ Duck’s Christmas presents

  1. Karen W #

    My son received a John Deere tractor when he was 2 or 3 and he loved it! He still has it even though he doesn’t play with it any more. (He’s almost 16) It was a favorite. Sounds like you all had a great Christmas!

  2. Ocean Blue Fire #

    I love those weeble woobles. And the crayola wonder too!! :)

  3. Daddy Creature #

    What really stinks is look at him and thinking, “Hey, I was an only child too and now he makes out like I used to. The little bugger.” I am so jealous of him. All I got was a plastic toy that shoots plastic toy cows across the room. The daddy creature had to pay for the rest of his presents. Bah!

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