Thirteen more toddler activity ideas…

We are always looking for more toddler activity ideas around here, as Lil’ Duck’s ideas of fun usually involve the destruction of my house! Here’s some more toddler & young child activity ideas from moms of toddlers:

  1. Get a small bag of dried beans or rice and dump it into a large (plastic) mixing bowl.  Give them a few other plastic cups, a mixing spoon, some paper towel rolls and put everything on the floor. They love to dump the beans from container to container and you can show them how to dump the beans down the tubes. Just keep those beans stored in a seperate container and don’t use them for anything else. Put everything on a bath towel or blanket and clean up is pretty easy because the beans don’t roll far on a towel. Of course, if your toddler likes to put things in their mouth, don’t try this one….. always supervise them regardless, of course.
  2. Climbing in empty boxes and “hiding” in them. Use a refrigerator box to build a “house”, smaller ones for sitting in, and stack up the really small ones to make a tower.
  3. Draw various things on a MagnaDoodle or even on paper. He loves to say whatever I draw. I ask him, “what should I draw next” and sometimes he says exactly what he wants!
  4. Sit on the balcony and see cars, stars, dogs, say hi and bye to everyone that passes, marvel at the little things they notice.
  5. Coloring – finger paint, sidewalk chalk, washable markers, etc. Lil’ Duck is a nightmare with crayons, and we restrict him to the outside patio with all of his coloring items to avoid a giant disaster (yes, even washable marker and sidewalk chalk is very hard to get out of furniture and off wooden tables ;)).
  6. A sand play area – Lil’ Duck loves his sandbox at his grandparents house – you can set up a small (preferably outside) area with some sand and household items as well.
  7. Along the same lines – a water play area. Just make sure it’s in a waterproof location ;). Bath time = playtime….. need I say more?!
  8. Football, soccer, basketball, baseball, etc! We improvise with boxes as goals for soccer, baskets for basketball, etc. – also a simple game of catch can be highly entertaining to a little one!
  9. Dancing! We also find random items around the house to shake and rub together while we dance around.
  10. Lil’ Duck loves to tumble around on the floor with us – tickling, bouncing, poking, just generally enjoying each other. Other active games – hide and seek, tag, chase, keep-away, etc – the faster the better, anything to wear him out!
  11. Puzzles – Lil’ Duck likes to work on even the harder ones with me, we take one piece out and put it back at first. He’s way too good at them though, so we usually go to the library and use all of theirs so we don’t have to keep buying new ones ;).
  12. Little helper! He does laundry (loads up the basket, pushes it to the machines, I hold him up to drop the laundry in, then I take the wet laundry out for him and he loads it into the dryer, shuts the door, I hold him up to turn it on, he unloads it when it is done, pushes it back to the bedroom, and helps me fold and put it away. He also helps with the dishes – hands them to me or puts them in cabinets as appropriate – wipes things down with a wet rag, helps tidy up and dust, etc. He helps mix up items if I’m cooking, and putting things in containers to keep for later.
  13. Playgrounds/mall play areas/library/toy stores/Starbucks/community events/zoos/amusement parks/bookstores/specialty shopping areas/etc. – even the grocery store is fun!

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  1. Jessica #

    I have a baby sister coming and i will be doing alot of baby sitting so thanks for the great ideas to keep her busy i will probably try the box one she will love that :)

  2. Now, where was this post when my six year old was a toddler? A little too late! Haha!

  3. So cute! Makes me remember when my Ashlyn was little…she’s turning 17 on Monday…how time flies. ::sobs::

  4. jen #

    Wow. Love it. And so helpful. Our kid was so entirely off the hook tonight and we’d used all of our usual tricks. Thanks

  5. Great ideas! I don’t have kids but I dunno – they sound like fun to me. Can I go rent-a-kid? hehe

    Thanks for stopping by Snarkypants and cheering me up over my lame post! :) I like your idea about writing it ahead of time. Might try that!

    Have a good weekend!

  6. Danielle #

    …until yu have 3 ;-)
    Mine fight over helping with laundry, fight over who gets to dump what where, fight over who plays in which box, etc., etc….

    We do have fun dancing…as long as I don’t dance with any one in particular ;-)

    Blanket tents over tables or chairs are a lot of fun too…or making car/truck/choo-choo from chairs–although they both usually result in fighting too with my 3!

    Happy Thursday!


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