Thirteen favorite animals and their toddler names

Thirteen favorite animals and their toddler names

Lil Duck is very much into animals and his Little People Zoo right now, so here are thirteen of his favorite animals, his names for them and then his renditions of their noises!

  1. Elephant (“elfant”) – the most favorite of all – “trooooooooooororororoooooooooo!!”
  2. Yak (“wwwaaakkkk”)- “mooooooooark!”
  3. Penguin (“pengin”) – “wark!”
  4. Dolphin (“dolpin”) – “arf, arf”
  5. X-ray fish (“x feeesh”) – “(blows like a blow toy fish)”
  6. Chocobo (“cobo”) – “wark, qweh!” (ok, not a real animal but he LOVES it!)
  7. Polar bear (“pbear”) – “GRRRRRRRRRRRR!”
  8. Bird (“byrrrrrddd”) – “cheep, cheep, cheep!”
  9. Turkey (“urky”) – “obble, obble”
  10. Manatee (“babba matee”) – “babba mantee!!” (Barbara Manatee from Veggie Tales, anyone??)
  11. Lizard (“izard”) – “eeeekkk!” (maybe from mommy? ;))
  12. Dog (“dog”) – “oof, oof” – very realistic barking and whining!
  13. Duck – last but not least – “quack, quack”!

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  1. too cute…

    This will be so cool to look back on too when little Duck becomes a big duck ;)

  2. Jessica #

    Those are adorable!

  3. Those are great…and of course adorable. I used to own a truck, and my friends little girl would say…tats Telli’s Trut. :) Thanks for stopping by TT!

  4. Jersey Girl #

    Jersey Girl: “aawwwwww”

  5. I heart Lil duck! Happy TT!

  6. I think I like “izard” the best. Yep.


  7. I love the words they come up with for words. It is so cute to hear them talk. I look forward to Justice discovering animals. He already is pretty into them now. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. How sweet. My son calls animals only by the sound they make.

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