Themes for Fabulous Fall Wedding Showers

A fabulous fall theme sets your celebration apart from every other bridal shower. These themes for fabulous fall wedding showers bring elegance and love to your autumn event. Whether the bride is having a fall wedding or just a shower in the fall, a fabulous shower is a memory to treasure forever. Themes for Fabulous Fall Wedding Showers - Bridal Theme AutumnEach theme is followed by our most popular bridal shower invitation designs to match, however we can customize any of our invitations for your own theme.

1.  Fall Masquerade

(Masquerade Bridal Shower Invitation and Dramatic Bachelorette Shower Invitation)

Mystery and elegance are the watchwords for your masquerade bridal shower.  If the groom-to-be enjoys costumes and dressing up as well, this theme is doubly fun when the boys are invited!

2.  Autumn Fairytale

(Fairytale Cinderella Bridal Shower Invitation – request the pumpkin & leaves version)

The princess has met her Prince Charming and plans to live happily ever after!  With pumpkins ripening in the pumpkin patch, a Cinderella bridal shower is especially suited for the fall.  With this theme, you can make the bride-to-be feel like a princess and enchant your guests with beautiful food and decorations.

3.  Beautiful Autumn, Beautiful Love

(Chic Fall Bridal Shower Invitation)

This bridal shower theme celebrates a beautiful love story, surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature.  Bring Nature into your party space (including the table and entrance) with beautiful fall flowers, leaves, gourds, maize, and more.

4.  Shabby Chic Pumpkin

(Chic Autumn Bridal Shower Invitation)

Shabby chic stylings give elegance to your shower, but pumpkins and fall colors create a more memorable celebration.  For a playful touch, guests can carve pumpkins at the shower and take their creations home.

5.  Football

(we use a football and team colors on our All-Star Baseball Bridal Shower Invitation)

A lot of modern brides want their fiancés to be welcome at their wedding showers too, and sports-themed showers are one of the best ways to pique a guy’s interest in attending.  And, of course, the fall means football!  A football shower is also lots of fun at an all-girls shower, if the bride is an avid fan.

For the invitation mentioned above, we can completely change the colors to match favorite team colors.  If the bride and groom cheer for different teams, we can split it in half and use the different team colors on opposing sides of the invitation.

6.  Colorful Leaves

(Leafy Autumn Elegant Shower Invitation  or Fine Bridal Shower Invitation – see the autumn leaves version)

Brilliant leaves–that glory of autumn–celebrate the beauty of love.  If the bride is having an autumn wedding, you can choose leaves that match her wedding colors and decorate the space with bouquets and strands of them.

7.  Fall Garden

(Butterfly Flowers Summer Shower Invitation – see the fall version)

If you cannot host your shower in an outdoor garden, guests will be amazed when they see your party space transformed into an autumnal Eden.

8.  Halloween

(Halloween Bridal Shower Invitation)

Not every bridal shower has to be romantic and frilly.  For the bride who enjoys a little Halloween fun, you can haunt the shower with veiled skeletons, jack-o-lanterns, and bats with rings dangling from their feet.  Just don’t scare the bride away from the wedding!

9.  Back To School

(Chalkboard Kitchen Bride’s Shower Invitation)

Perfect for teachers, academics, and students-for-life!  Ask guests to bring advice for the bride-to-be, and we can make matching advice cards for you to insert with your invitations.

10.  Harvest Kitchen

(Classic Kitchen Shower Invitation)

When the fresh harvest has been gathered, it’s the perfect time for a cooking-themed party!  This is another theme that is couples-friendly, and you can plan this as a traditional bridal shower or as a cooking/baking event.  Your guests  also share their favorite recipes in style when you enclose our matching recipe cards with the invitations.

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