The wonder of the small things – Weeble watching!

weeble watching

“Wow, mama, wow, weebles!!” – a familiar phrase around here these days, especially now with his new Weebles castle. Did you know that if you set a dragon Weeble on the coffee table, it will wobble back and forth while you admire how GREEN it is and ask Mama what on earth those horns are?? When you pick up the weeble, you can feel the smooth “round” of its bottom, the bumpy texture of the face, and the “lumpy” top of the head. The weeble is also perfect for tossing launching across the room at some unsuspecting playmate or Daddy – distance like a ball, pain like a heavy rock! Who knew that a small plastic toy could hold so much excitement and interest in your busy little hands… it almost makes it worth it when I dig out a Weeble that is embedded in the bottom of my foot because it was hiding in a crevice of the living room again….

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  1. Aren’t weebles great! My little man loved the weebles. When we first got him the weebles playground, he spent weeks playing it and sing the song from the commercials. “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!”

  2. Kailani #

    Isn’t it amazing what can hold a child’s interest?

  3. Karen #

    oh, wait! I like the new look, too!

  4. Karen #

    I had a weeble treehouse- about 30 years ago!! my nephew has the new one- they have changed alot over the years…

  5. So funny how Weebles have transformed–gaining bright colors and a more cartoony appearance. They also have a matte finish, whereas I always remember the weebles of yore to be a bit more glossy.

    And what of the Fisher Price “People?” They have become so ginormous! Perhaps mirroring the obesity epidemic in our country?

    Maybe I’m just glamorizing my childhood. I just long for the days when kids played with toys that could kill them, but didn’t.

  6. I remember weebles! They weeble and they wobble but they don’t fall down!

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