The toddler bedroom redecoration in a Cars theme…

Toddler bedroom redecoration in a Cars theme - Red Car Bed Christmas

Well, it was time to do the toddler bedroom redecoration in a Cars theme! Lil’ Duck got a red car bed before Christmas, which really didn’t fit into his blue & green Pooh character themed baby room. He loves all things Cars, so we were inspired to create a Cars world just for him. Using a self-stick Cars wallpaper border and matching Cars decals, we took the yellow & blue colors right from the border to create a bright, fun room for him. He’s been running around here for the past day yelling “Wow, you painted my room, I love it, thank you SO much!”

Cars bedroom redecoration photo Mater poster

The Cars wall poster adds a nice touch over his bed, while this Mater poster decorates the opposite wall. The curtain is checkered fabric that will be hemmed to make a valance (right now it is just draped over the curtain rod).

Cars bedroom redecoration photo lamp

Lil’ Duck is enthralled by his new Lightning McQueen lamp/alarm clock – it talks and all he has to do is push a button to turn it on and off, great for all those monsters that love to visit him at night. We found it while getting paint and just had to add it to the room (along with his Cars stoplight that he already has). So, we had fun creating his new room decor, now we are just hoping he’ll sleep in there ;).

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13 Responses to The toddler bedroom redecoration in a Cars theme…

  1. Yes, we did with that one, we put it over the paint and nothing would keep it up (including super glue ;)). However, when we did his next room in a Batman theme, we painted everywhere except for where the border would be and sanded down the existing paint in that area (under which the border went) so that it was rough drywall rather than slippery paint. That worked so well that it has been up (in FL with high humidity) for almost 3 years now and not one bit of it has tried to fall off yet!

  2. rachel #

    Hey your sons room looks great! Im in the process of updating my sons nursery into a big boy room. Did you have any problem with the self sticking border?

  3. b #

    very nice, toys r us sells a cars toy organiser (which has 9 bins) that is on sale this week that would match his room perfect:)

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