The continuing adventures of the toddler and his duck…

The continuing adventures of the toddler and his duck… The eternal love for his duck continues, as they are still inseparable. Ducky is a much-abused but much-loved friend, who has survived many washings and coloring with all colors of the rainbow (nothing like having a duck shoved in your face while the little one proclaims “Blue ducky, Mama, BLUE!!!”) and who, despite his raggedy looks, still receives several kisses a day.

The duck is now also a method of greeting his friends, as he will greet you by handing you his “DUUUUCCCKKK!” and running off. Be prepared to give it right back, however, as it will be promptly yanked from your hands and shoved under his arm as he takes off for more adventures.

The duck also has a belly button, apparently, and this belly button can be tickled. When it is tickled, you’d better be prepared to make the duck jump a mile high and screech and quack, or suffer a tossing of the duck in your face and the angry screams of Lil’ Duck – “ickle, mama, ICKLE!!”. When the duck reacts properly, his happy cackles of delight are well worth the effort.

Duck also has to sample all of our food, so while eating, one eye must be kept on the little one and the duck to avoid duck soup or other messy cuisine. Sometimes, the duck trying and “enjoying” our food has convinced the little one to also try a bite – ha ha ha.

Right now the little one is fast asleep with the duck cuddled underneath his belly. It’s so sweet to see how much joy a stuffed animal can bring to the little guy.

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  1. Rebecca #

    Well, a duck is better than the heavy baby doll (filled with buckwheat and about 8 pounds) that my daughter hauls around. Best game: stuffing it up her shirt and “playing pregnant.” Luckily, her “doctor” is also her “husband,” so she’s got her bases covered. Now if I could only get her to accept the midwifery model of care and to get off her back whilst she births. :::sigh::: Homeschooling requires much from Mommas!

  2. Kailani #

    Here again via Carnival of Family Life. And I still think he’s adorable!

  3. Too cute – at our house, we’ve had similar friends come and go –
    Bowee (the dog), Mr. Monkey, Whiskers (the cat), Lovey Lamb, Potty Poodle, and Lovey Bear.

  4. So adorable. What sweet memories you are building for the future!

  5. Melissa #

    So nice that he’ll share his duck as a greeting, even only for a second! And I love the duck-tries-food trick. Have to remember that one if this baby ever settles on a lovey.

  6. Debbie #

    Very cute little duck! Yours story is so cute and so full of love! Thanks for sharing duck tales with us! I hope you and yours have a wonderful Sunday!

  7. This brings back memories of my children with their favorite toys and blankies. It’s wonderful that you are blogging these tales. I’m sure they will be a source of wonderful memories.

  8. that is so cute. My children have never been attached to any toys, and thank goodness because we are a family that looses stuff all the time. Maybe thats why they never got attached to anything lol…..

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