Terrific Teen Costume Party Themes

Scare up some fun with an unconventional theme for your teen Halloween party! Teenagers will have loads of fun whether you are throwing a fall birthday party or a Halloween celebration. We can personalize any of our invitation designs to match these teen costume party themes as you wish.

1.  Pop Star

This theme zaps some instant glamor into your party!  Guests will have fun dressing to the nines in cool clothes and band t-shirts.  Make a playlist of your teen’s favorite pop music, and have a karaoke machine on hand so that the guests can release their inner pop stars.  Begin your party with our Pop Star Birthday Photo Invitation.

2.  Venetian Masquerade   Teen Costume Party Themes - Halloween Party Theme Birthday

The splendor of Venice and the Italian Renaissance lights up your party!  With their customizable wording and colors, either our Photo Collage Masquerade Party Invitation or Sweet 15 Magical Night Invitation would be a beautiful beginning to your costume party.

3.  Phantom of the Opera

It’s here, the Phantom of the Opera extravaganza!  When your guests arrive, have masks, feathers, and assorted decorations, so that your guests can create their own paper faces to parade.  Our Dramatic Mask 15th Birthday Invitation sets your party mood before the curtain goes up.

4.  1,001 Arabian Nights

A little Middle Eastern mystery adds spice to your party.  Decorate the party area like a scene out of one of the stories (such as “Aladdin” or “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”).  Begin your party with our Whimsical Quinceanera Invitation, personalized with custom fonts and colors to your taste.

5.  Black, White, & Red Party

This is fast becoming a popular theme with a hundred variations (vampire, Twilight, and haunted castle are just a few).  Serve foods in the theme colors–white chocolate and dark chocolate desserts are especially delicious!  All of our invitations can be custom-colored in red, white, & black; but the most popular are our fairytale invitations, photo masquerade invitations, and dramatic photo invitations.

6.  Pink Leopard

For bold and fearless girls, this theme rocks your party!  Guests will have fun dancing to Pink and other favorite pop artists.  Our memorable Boutique Double-sided Sweet 16 Invitation makes your costume party the event of the year!  If you prefer a more conventional shape, please see our Mis Quince Photo Invitation.

If your teen is interested in stage theater, vary this theme with a Cats costume party.

7.  Hollywood Film Star

Lights, camera, party!  Use a cheap red carpet or use a roll of red plastic tablecloth as a red carpet.  The chaperones/parents can wear black jackets and carry cameras as the paparazzi.  This film strip invitation makes your party honoree the star of the show!

As a twist, hold an Awful Oscars costume party, to which the guests wear awful dresses and formal outfits, reminiscent of some of the truly strange outfits to hit the red carpet for the Oscars.  Hold a contest for the strangest and most plausible Awful Oscar outfits.

Frightful-birthday-party-trick-or-treat-green-orange-black8.  Delightful & Frightful

Put your own twist on the classic Halloween frights–deserted mansion, graveyard, haunted pirate’s cave, or whatever you fancy.  Haunt your guests with a unique version of Halloween Party Invitation – Frightful & Delightful, custom-colored to match your party décor.

10.  Comic & Cartoon

Now is the time to bring cartoon and comic book characters to life!  Encourage guests to come dressed as their favorite characters.  This custom photo invitation allows the honoree to show off a fabulous costume before the party begins.

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