Teething remedies

Finally, the promised list of teething remedies – Lil’ Duck is still working on those two year molars, poor thing.

We’ve tried a lot of teething remedies over the eruption of 16 teeth (working on 4 more as we speak!) – as I mentioned before, nothing really “cures” teething, but a few things do seem to calm him down a little:

  • Baby Orajel teething swabs – numbs up his gums, I can stick that swab all the way back to where it is needed without getting holes in my fingers from his sharp little teeth. For the first few teeth, the regular baby orajel worked fine, but after that, it’s nearly impossible to avoid being bit. If you have a ton of baby orajel and want to use it up, stick it on the end of a q-tip and stick it in there, has the same effect (just don’t put too much on, a glob can fall off onto their tongue and you’ll hear strange sounds and lots of tongue-grabbing until it wears off ;)).
  • Hyland’s teething tablets – work faster than Tylenol to calm him down a little. They also have the gel, but I’m faced with the same problem as the orajel with that, and it doesn’t seem to work as well as the tablets.

  • Baby Tylenol – this is only as a last resort, as the actual trying to get the stuff down his throat is usually a nightmare (here’s a list of tricks that might help). Assuming that you consulted with your doctor before giving it and all those good things, you might find Dr. Sears’ medicine cabinet with dosages helpful.

I got two great teething ideas from the commenters on my first post – JGS suggested freezing regular bagels and letting him gnaw on them, which is a great idea as long as you are going to watch them closely of course – Lil’ Duck is old enough now to handle bagels, but for the little teethers, I’d worry about them getting a piece off and choking.

Nicola suggested a clean flannel kept dry in the fridge can act to cool the face – also works with younger ones to chew against. She also recommended cold fruit to chew, such as melon. Lil’ Duck thinks that fruit is baby poison or something, strange but true, but perhaps your little ones feel differently.

Also, Lil’ Duck has never really taken to teethers in the past, but now he loves them, so it’s worth a try – the bumpy ones now, of all things. He also likes to eat crushed ice (other little ones go for popsicles or sherbet) – especially good if they aren’t drinking enough liquids, just make sure there aren’t any big pieces of ice and still watch them closely of course.

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  1. courtney #

    hi my son is 19 mths late bloomer with teething.. only has about 8 but i think he is getting his two top molars.. which is hard to put bon gela on cos they are so far back.. HELP!!! He has never been a good sleeper, one thing after another bad ears.. wind and now TEETHING!! Ive tried everything, even the teething necklaces but it didnt seem to work.


  2. Maggi #

    If you have those little mesh feeders, you can pop an ice-cube in that and let them chew on it.
    My daughter thought it was the best treat ever and it really helped with her teething. It was also great on hot summer days.
    I’d run it under water first to get rid of the sharp corners. This would also make it smaller, so it would fit in the little holder easier.

  3. I AM GONNA TRY IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am really not a HUGE fan of medicating my lil guy, I have no idea why, it just scares me when they are so little…. I trie the Little Teethers and I think it had a strange reaction on his gums… like sting or something. I am gonna go straight to the store tomorrow after I workout and get those Orajel swabs! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I found every word of this post useful!
    Experienced Mommies are always the BEST!

  4. JGS #

    I actually forgot to mention that over time what worked and what didn’t changed. In the beginning our Okapis didn’t use any of the teether toys but for my boy that seemed to work after awhile – unless it had been frozen which was too cold for him (though great for a bagel). I just felt like we had to have everything on hand, frozen and not frozen, toys and food and cloth, etc., because you just never knew what was going to make them feel better at any given moment. ;-)

  5. We get something Homeopathic medicines here for teething babies called dentonic…. it really helps… other than that, when I was around, they loved my fingers…. SoI had to be extra careful & wash my hands every little while…

  6. I don’t know if they make them anymore, but my son *loved* his vibrating teething star. I think it was made by First Years? You can’t change the battery, so when it dies, that’s it, but it lasted quite a long time for us.

    We popped a few of those gel teethers into the freezer as well, for when it got real bad (teething was a 4 letter word in this house!!)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the kind words :)

  7. There was no such thing as Baby Orajel when ours were little, so it was popsicles mostly, or sucking on a frozen dampened washcloth when they were babies.


  8. I used to swear by the baby orajel. Neither of my kids would use the teethers, and they only seemed content if they were chewing on my finger, or with the orajel.


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