Teething drama – two year molars!

teething woeTeething drama – two year molars! Just as we were enjoying the break from the endless teething (note the photo from last year to the right), the monster arrives again. This means not only no sleep for our whole family, but endless screaming and the crabbiest baby on earth. Not that he isn’t still cute – after a night of fussing about, endless demands and strange sleeping places, I was awoken by a cheerful “Hi, Mama!” and lots of baby kisses and hugs.

Here is the list of teething remedies that help us, but I do have to say while some things seem to help a bit, nothing has allowed us to get any sleep OR to keep us from going deaf as of yet. If you have any miracles, send them our way. *yawns* back to the screaming baby…..

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  1. Karen #

    My little one has been working on his 2 year molars for a little bit more than a month now. Everyone has noticed a big change in his attitude he is constantly cranky. One thing I found that seemed to comfort him was when I have finished brushing his teeth I let him chew on his toothbrush and not only does he feel better but, he is learning how to brush his teeth on his own.

  2. Jon Cox #

    Awwww, poor little guy & poor you!
    Thats too bad, I really hope he gets better soon & you finally a wonderful nights sleep!

  3. Ohhh….bless the little thing’s heart! Ihope you get a good night’s sleep soon.

  4. Christy #

    Sorry you aren’t getting any sleep, Lisa. Hope it get’s better for you and little David. Big ((hugs)).

  5. Nicola #

    A clean flannel kept dry in the fridge can act to cool the face – also works with younger ones to chew against.
    Cold fruit to chew in summer also helps – melon etc

    Hope you get some sleep soon,

  6. jen #

    Hayley (6mos) just got 2 front teeth this week.

  7. JGS #

    This won’t help at night, but try frozen bagels. When we used regular bagels and froze them and then let our son gnaw at them, he felt much better – and he got a little food, too. I remember seeing his face when he realized he was eating food like us – he was so excited.

    He really suffered with teething and it made a big difference. We also fed him a lot of munchies because using his mouth seemed to help him feel better but also distract him a bit. Yeah, he was a little chubby there for awhile. ;-)

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