Teaching Children To Brush Their Teeth With Oral-B

Teaching Children To Brush Their Teeth With Oral-B:

How do you encourage your children to brush their teeth properly and learn lifelong brushing habits? It is usually a struggle between the parent brushing their teeth or letting the child do it and risking them not doing a complete job!

There is a new Oral-B Triumph Smart Guide toothbrush that every member of the family will like. Why is this new Braun toothbrush better than the other models?

Children will like the wireless display that times them with the reward of the happy face after the two minutes. They can watch the time count down as it flashes and even pulses in their mouth :).

There are also different brush heads to use so the child can have a choice (don’t they just love to think they are in control :). For added interest, one of the buttons on the toothbrush changes the mode of brushing – one is a pulsating massage that feels funny :).

Parents, you will like the Pressure Alert symbol on the display so you know they are not pushing too hard on their little teeth. There is also a Sensitive brush head and brushing mode for extra care.

Why would the rest of the family like this new electric toothbrush? This new model has corrected all of my pet peeves and I love the clean teeth! Much better than my old electic toothbrush in cleaning between the teeth and different brush heads for varying needs.

The charging indicator is so handy and I don’t have to leave the charger plugged in all the time, just recharge when it gets low and the charge last about 2 weeks for one person’s usage – very nice!

The cleaning is excellent without being harsh. The sleek design is nice to view on the counter and easy to keep clean. The holders and the travel container are well designed and a nice addition to the product.

I am very happy with the cleaning ability without being harsh – I recommend the Oral-B Triumph Smart Guide toothbrush. Please consult your dentist before changing your child’s toothbrush, as always.

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