Tator Tot Casserole

Tator Tot Casserole Recipe:

1 bag of Tator tots
1 lb hamburger
2 cans cream of mushroom soup (or cream of chicken – I like one can of each, actually)

Cook the tator tots as directed. Pull from the oven approximately five minutes before done.
While the tator tots are cooking, cook the hamburger. When the tots are ready, spread the cooked hamburger over the tots and then spread the soup on top of that. Put it back into the oven until it is all warm.

You can also add shredded cheese to the top and put it in the oven just long enough to melt it.

Add corn on top of the hamburger for some extra veggies.

Omit the hamburger for a vegetarian meal (definitely use the cheese (soy or rice cheese if necessary even) in that case to add flavor and protein).

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  1. katrina #


    I love tator tot casserole but I make it completely diff lol and thought i would share incase you want to try my version. I put the cooked hamburger on the bottom of a casserole dish then a can of drained green beans topped with the soup, grated cheese and tator tots YUMM!

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