Sweet 16 Card Wording Ideas

Sweet 16 parties are so special and your sixteenth birthday invitations are such keepsakes! We are blessed to see so many beautiful & sentimental sweet 16 card wording ideas from our clients every day. Here are some recent favorite verses to provide inspiration for your own once in a lifetime event – you can use these on any of our sweet 16 party invitations or adapt them to suit another age (see our Quinceanera Invitation Verse & Wording Ideas for instance).

  • Once upon a time a young girl had a dream
    To have the most beautiful party anyone has ever seen
    We ask you to join us and make her dream come true
    It just won’t be the same without a special guest like you.
  • Mr. & Mrs. ___ request the pleasure of your company at their daughter’s Sweet Sixteen celebration.
  • I give thanks to God for each day of my life and to my mother, my deep appreciation for her love, protection and sacrifice, for making me happy always. I give thanks also to my family, court of honor and my friends. In one way or another they have wished for me to be happy on this day and this happiness I wish to share with all of you on my Sixteenth Birthday.
  • You’re invited to __’s Sweet 16 Mardi Gras Party!Sweet 16 Card Wording Ideas, Birthday Beautiful Sentimental Verses
  • I, ____, along with my parents, Mr. ____ and ____ request the honour of your presence at the religious celebration of my Sixteenth Birthday. With the blessing and care of my family, I will express my feelings before God on becoming a young lady. A Holy Mass will be celebrated in my honor on…
  • A Fairytale Sweet Sixteen for ______’s Magical Party.
  • Like a page from a fairytale, my storybook dream is finally coming true. I, _____, along with my parents, _____ request the honor of your presence at my magical Sweet Sixteen celebration.
  • You’re Invited to ____’s Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party!
  • Please join Mr. & Mrs. _____ for the Sweet 16 of their lovely daughter, ______. Her Sweet Sixteen Celebration would not be complete without you!
  • I, ____, have the honor of inviting you to a party in celebration of my sixteen birthday. This will be offered by my parents, _____, on….
  • ____ is celebrating her Sweet 16 with a Masquerade Party!
  • It seems like only yesterday that our daughter was born, she was so tiny, fragile like a doll. Sixteen beautiful years have passed, and she is now a young lady. We, _____, give thanks to God for the privilege of raising her and invite you to the celebration of her 16th Birthday on…
  • Please join us for ____’s Denim & Diamonds Sweet Sixteen Event!
  • Once upon a time, a little girl had a dream… to have a beautiful party, where she turned sweet 16! To have a guest like you, would be a delight… so please come join us for ____’s Magical Night!
  • With the dream of yesterday, the reality of today, and the hope of tomorrow, I give thanks to God for bringing me to my Sixteenth Birthday.

Use any of these verses or your own on your own card design here: Sweet 16 Invitations.

Also, these Super-Sweet Sweet Sixteen Party Tips will also help with your event planning! Need even more inspiration? Follow our sweet 16 party invitations and event idea Pinterest board for even more tips and ideas to plan your event and choose your invitations:

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