Super-Sweet Sweet Sixteen Party Tips

These super-sweet Sweet Sixteen party tips will make your day extra special and unique for you! Super-Sweet Sweet Sixteen Party Tips, Special Unique You

1.  Think About You

It’s your special party and time to celebrate the wonderful you! Let yourself be the inspiration for the party, and your celebration will be as unique as you are.


Have a flair for the drama?  Have fun with a masquerade theme and charades!  Have a passionate affair with a certain color?  Splash it all over your invitations, party decorations, and even your food!  And, yes, even black & white parties need fabulous black & white food (like black & white pasta with alfredo sauce).


Is there a place that has special meaning for you?  A place that you just love?  Or maybe you love a party at home?


Yummy munchies are a self-expression too!  Your party food is an opportunity to celebrate your ethnic heritage, the places you’ve traveled, or your signature favorite foods.  Anything is up for grabs — from fried pickles to fish tacos to chocolate peanut butter no-bake cookies.  If you have a favorite book or movie, it’s fun to serve food featured in the story.Super-Sweet Sweet Sixteen Party Tips

2.  Think About Your Guests Too

Let’s face it, a party is never completely for the guest of honor.  It’s for the guests too!


Choose a theme that most of your guests will understand and know.  This sounds waaay too obvious now that I’ve said it, but I know that some of us you geeks out there are really clever and choose clever themes… only to find out that your friends think that a Firefly party is about bugs and that TARDIS is an insult.

Also, some themes require more advanced warning (especially ones that require a special outfit), so if you want to throw a 1940s party or a masquerade, give your guests 4-6 weeks notice.

Location:Super-Sweet Sweet Sixteen Party Tips, Special Unique You

If the number of guests is more important to you than the location, you will want to make sure that you choose a place that will have enough room.  The private dining room of your favorite restaurant will be a bad choice if your guests won’t have room to sit down to eat.


When planning your food, think about allergies.  If you’re inviting a lot of guests, chances are that there will be some people allergic to gluten, dairy, or nuts so have some options for that too (gourmet popcorn and bacon-wrapped veggies, anyone?).

Have fun, make memories with great people, and have a great party! Also, here are your sweet 16 card wording ideas and custom sweet 16 invitations for your special event. Need more inspiration? Follow our sweet 16 party invitations and event ideas Pinterest board for even more tips and ideas to plan your event and choose your invitations:

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