Sunset Squares Wedding Thank You Card

Blocks of sunset colors accent the photos on this newlywed squares wedding thank you card. For a retro twist, we tinted these wedding day photos in sepia, although we can leave your own photos in original color or tint them in black & white.  All of the orange, yellow, brown & white colors, the swirl & polka dot patterns, and fonts can be altered to your own taste and wedding needs. This thank you note design is very flexible, as it can hold 0, 1, or up to 14 small photos when you order this card here: Colorful Squares Wedding Thank You Card.

Squares Wedding Thank You Card - Photos Sunset Colors Newlywed Retro

Their beautiful custom verse of thanks & love to their recipients is as follows: “Gratitude, like love, lives and grows in our hearts. You brought joy to our day, Warmth to our lives, and Happiness to our hearts. Thank you for your thoughtful gift! We hope you enjoyed the wedding as much as we did!”


  1. Lil Duck Duck - February 18, 2014

    Fine Brown Wedding Thank You Card

    Custom colors, a classic bow graphic, and elegant fonts make this a fine ending to your wedding celebrations. We used a deep chocolate and gold color scheme on this fine brown wedding thank you card, although we can easily change the colors and weather…

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