Sugarplum Fairy Sisters Merry Christmas Card

A Merry Christmas card from your Sugarplum fairy sisters gives a sweet greeting to friends and family for the Christmas season! This sugarplum fairy sisters Merry Christmas card design features a printed pink, sparkly snowflake patterned border with pink ribbons and candies. A photo of your two sugarplum sisters sits slightly off center giving the design a rather whimsical look. A festive, elegant font gives a custom greeting from the family royalty to others. If the color, font or even photo placement don’t match what you have in mind, simply let us know and we will customize the card for you. We can match colors from photos so that this 2016 holiday greeting can match the decorations, dresses or other outfits that might be appropriate.

Be sure to see this and the many other variations of this design when you place a free, no – obligation proof request for the Sugarplum Merry Christmas Card (simply request the sugarplum fairy version in the notes field if desired).

Sugarplum Fairy Sisters Merry Christmas Card - Sweet Greeting

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