Sugar Cube Relay Race Day

Sugar Cube Relay Race Day Game - Cowgirl Birthday Party Fun EventCowgirl Birthday Party Activity – Sugar Cube Relay Race Day Game:

For this fun birthday event, you’ll need:

– 2 sugar cubes for every guest

– 2 spoons, 2 small bowls and 1 large bowl

In this relay, kids race in teams for the most sugar cubes (something horses love!). Divide partygoers into 2 teams (“Mustangs” and “Broncos,” or other names your child would like to use), and line them up. Give the first person in each line a spoon, and put a small, empty bowl in front of each line. About 30 feet away, at an equal distance between teams, place the large bowl and fill with all the cubes. When you announce, “Giddyap!” the first players gallop down to the large bowl, scoop out 1 cube with their spoons and race back to their teams to fill their empty bowls. The game ends once the large bowl is empty. The team with the most sugar cubes wins!

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