Striped Boy & Girl Joint Birthday Card

“Double the giggles, Double the glee, these cute children are turning five and three. Please join us for a fun-filled birthday party!” For this brother and sister, we customized this boy & girl joint birthday card invitation with their own wording and by converting their photos to black & white. The pink, red, white & blue colors can be changed to whatever you wish, and the wording can be changed for twins, cousins, or friends. Your photos can be left in fun original color, or they can also be converted to rich sepia when you order this card here: Sibling Birthday Party Invitation.

Joint Birthday Card Boy & Girl Striped Brother & Sister

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  1. MamaDuck March 1, 2012 at 9:48 am #

    Hello! The pricing varies according to the paper type (“card style”), quantity, and other options that you choose. The base price (in USD) appears under the design images on the individual product page, and you can view the additional price & available sizes in the dropdown menu of the “card style” section.

    If you would like to review different price options for that particular design, you can simply choose any combination in the form on one product page, putting something in each of the sections, choosing as your quantity, and click “Add to request” to upload it to the cart. Then, when you are done viewing the price quote there, you can simply delete the item from the cart. When you are ready to order the cards, simply fill out the form with the wording that you want. White envelopes are complimentary with your card order.

    Also, if you want us to ship outside the US & Canada, we will send you a custom international shipping quote once we receive your request on our site.

  2. Margarita March 1, 2012 at 2:29 am #

    Hi there, im just looking at this invite for my kids joint party. Just wondering how much they cost? Thanks

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