Strawberry Blossoms

Strawberry Blossoms Appetizer Recipe:

12 large fresh strawberries, rinsed
1 pkg (3 oz) cream cheese, softened
2 T. powdered sugar
1 T. sour cream

Remove the stems from strawberries to form a flat base. Place berries on cutting surface, pointed end facing up. With a sharp knife, carefully slice each berry in half vertically to within 1/4″ of base. Cut each half into three wedges to form 6 petals. Don’t slice through the base. Pull petals apart slightly. In a small bowl, combine cream cheese, powdered sugar and sour cream. Beat until light and fluffy. With a pastry bag and star tip or small spoon, fill strawberries with cream cheese mixture. Note: A zipper sandwich bag can be used instead of a pastry bag by filling with cream cheese mixture and squeezing out excess air before sealing. Carefully cut one corner off the bottom of the bag.

Variation: Use strawberry flavored cream cheese for added sweetness.
Makes 12

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