Starfish Cake

These cute starfish cake instructions are fun and easy to adapt for your own party colors and style!

Bake your child’s favorite cake in two round cake pans. When cool, leave one layer whole and cut the second layer into five equal triangle sections. (These five pieces will become the legs of the starfish.) Place the first layer in the center of a large, flat serving tray or platter. Trim the curved edges of the starfish legs, so they fit snugly against the round edge of the body piece. Arrange the legs neatly around the body of the starfish and attach with icing.

Frost the entire starfish with bright yellow, orange, purple, or red icing. Decorate with colored sprinkles while the icing is still damp to give it a spiny texture. For extra fun, spread blue frosting on the serving tray to make it look like the starfish is in the water.

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