Spring Themed Party Activities

Spring themed party activities for your enjoyment!

  1. Pin the tail on the bunny. Draw a black cutout of a bunny, use pink markers for his nose/mouth/ears, cotton balls for his tail.
  2. An outside egg toss. If you want added adventure, you can make some eggs hard-boiled and some raw. You can also have your guests color them first (or color them beforehand if you want them dry).
  3. Jelly bean guessing game – fill up a big jar and have everyone write down their guesses (provide a box nearby with a slot for guesses). The closest person wins the jar and the jellybeans!
  4. Scavenger hunt – make up about 10 clues leading people around the park/yard/party area. At the end, there can be a funny, inexpensive booby prize. Or have a home-to-home scavenger hunt where everyone goes from house to house looking for odd items on a list (for adults only, of course).
  5. Give every guest that comes a slip of paper where they must go find their match (this game makes mingling happen). Give one player a slip that says jelly and another slip would say peanut butter, etc..

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Pink & Purple Hippity-Hoppity 1st Birthday Card

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