Spreading out the birthday gift excitement!

Lil’ Duck would be thrilled if he got a box and a sheet of stickers for his birthday – he can play with these for hours.  However, he has many relatives and friends who love to buy him lots of gifts (he’s the first grandchild on every side, so he gets tons of things). Saving them all to open on his actual birthday is just too much for the little guy (and for us, honestly, how much assembly of millions of parts of little toys can you handle in one day?). So we spread them out!

We started celebrating his birthday several days beforehand, only because Daddy has very limited time off of work and it was the one day he could spend celebrating. We took him out to Toys ‘r’ us and let him pick out his own gift, partied the rest of the day, got him a few little things around Disney. Then we waited a few days, letting him enjoy his new toys, cycling them around so it wasn’t too overwhelming, keeping the other gift boxes hidden.

Next, one set of grandparents and family came over to bring him gifts and have a small party. Again, a few days. Then all the other gifts (which arrived by mail) are being spaced out over several days/weeks as he loses interest in his “old” gifts. Obviously we can’t wait TOO long to actually open these, as we have to make and send thank-you cards.

For Christmas, he got some toys that were just a little old for him, great things but not quite what he was into at that moment. We put them away in a box in his closet and brought them out months later, and now they are played with every single day. I anticipate the same thing happening for his birthday – some of the toys will be opened but then put away for a while, probably brought out in that lull between being bored with all his toys and Christmas gifts in November/December.

Lil’ Duck is in baby heaven doing it this way, he gets to focus on each gift without being overloaded, but still has new things to explore without having to buy him anything else for a LONG time ;).

That definitely works for us! What do you do to help deal with birthday and Christmas overload?? Tell me about it in comments and then go visit the rest of the Works For Me Wednesday tips for other great ideas! Be sure to also visit Mama Bee who has her very first WFMW tip up!!

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  1. Loni #

    This is a great idea, and we do the same thing with our daugther. The only thing that we have encountered is when all the presents are opened, she asks why there aren’t any more. She doesn’t understand why, after days and days of celebration and presents, that they don’t keep coming every day of the year! :)

  2. Larae #

    What a great idea! Thanks for the tip =)

  3. sa5ra #

    We always did this at Christmas it keeps anyone from having a meltdown and makes the gifts more special but not the focus of the day

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