Special Cupcake Girl Thank You

Flowers, decorated cupcake accents, lots of pink & purple – this cupcake photo thank you card has all the ingredients to send a pretty message to your birthday party guests! For this special cupcake girl thank you design, you can use 2-3 photos or just 1 photo (as shown here) to celebrate the birthday girl. You can also change the wording to your taste and to suit your own birthday event of any age. This little girl’s family chose to say “Thank you! A year’s gone by, how time has flown, we can’t believe how she has grown! My birthday was special, my birthday was fun, thank you for helping me celebrate my turning ONE!”.

See more ideas for this design when you order this card at the Pink Cupcake Birthday Photo Thank You page.

Special Cupcake Girl Thank You Flowers, Pink & Purple

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