Sombrero Cookies for Cinco de Mayo

How to make Sombrero Cookies for Cinco de Mayo:

1 sugar cookie

white icing

nonpareils, colored
white gumdrop

1. To ice & decorate one cookie, frost the edge of a sugar cookie with white icing and roll it in colored nonpareils.

2. Next, coat the bottom and the lower edge of a small white gumdrop with frosting. Roll the edge of the gumdrop in the nonpareils, then set the gumdrop in the center of the cookie.

2 Responses to Sombrero Cookies for Cinco de Mayo

  1. Daddy Creature #

    And how come you post all these wonderful things and never have them for me when I get home? What kind of taste tease is this!

  2. Oooh, I’d forgotten about Cinco de Mayo. I have a bizcochitos cookie recipe that I think I’ll share in one of my Favorite Ingredients Friday recipe exchange.

    Thanks for sharing your recipe. :)

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