Soft Pink Three Photo Graduation Invitations

From a sweet baby girl, to a precious daughter, into a beautiful young woman! Celebrate her beauty and grace with these soft pink & three photo graduation invitations. Wrapped with love and framed in pink, her optional one, two or three photos are shared in beautiful black & white (or original color, if you wish). A rose colored ribbon graphic ties everything together, and accents her graduation open house text. Softly welcome everyone to join the celebration of her 2017 graduation day, using your own words that we can artfully arrange to fit on your design as needed. All of the text is custom printed, so invite everyone to celebrate her graduation day, a send-off party, commencement or any other occasion as needed. The soft pink & dark charcoal black colors can change to suit your school colors, photos or your daughter’s favorite colors as you wish.

Simply share your requests with us using the form on the product page right here: Square Photo Graduation Party Card (pick the soft pink version in the form if you like this one).

Soft Pink Three Photo Graduation Invitations - Beauty & Grace

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