Soft Girly Lamb Shower Invitation

“So soft and sweet… there’s a sweet baby girl we can’t wait to meet! Let’s shower the mommy-to-be before her sweet little lamb arrives!” This soft girly lamb shower invitation brings your guests ready to celebrate the coming baby and all things soft and sweet. Purple ribbon and star graphics welcome the baby girl, although we can recolor everything to your preferences, as the entire design is printed flat onto the card. We can also personalize the number of little lamb graphics, if the mommy-to-be is expecting multiples, such as twins or triplets.

You can request your own personalized version of these cards by continuing through here: Little Lamb Baby Shower Invitation. Just ask for the purple & cream version by picking it as your starting design in the form if you wish.

Soft Girly Lamb Shower Invitation - Purple Star Baby Girl Sweet

2 thoughts on “Soft Girly Lamb Shower Invitation

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