Soft Blue Giraffe Boy Shower Cards

“We are so excited! She is having a Baby Boy! Come shower the Mommy-To-Be with love and good wishes…” Fluffy baby blankets, adorable little bows, plush hearts – the best things about newborn babes are echoed in the graphics on these soft blue giraffe boy shower cards! Cable-knit style patterns lightly accent the border along with soft scalloped frames accented with gray to highlight your own personalized text. A blue mommy and baby boy giraffe, optionally decorated with gray hearts and bow graphics, can be changed to other animals or decorated with other graphics or none at all as needed. We can also add another giraffe to suit twins and recolor everything to suit a different color scheme if you wish.

See more ideas when you visit the product page for this design here: Baby Giraffe Shower Invitation (simply request the soft blue version in the notes field if desired).

Soft Blue Giraffe Boy Shower Cards - Fluffy Baby Newborn Bows Hearts

By on January 28, 2015


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