Silvery Magic Pumpkin Shower Invitation

This silvery magic pumpkin shower invitation uses beautiful jewel & bow graphics to accent your theme (printed flat onto the design). Soft shades of orange hint at the fall season, while the magical autumn bridal shower wording cements the party theme in your guests’ minds. Plenty of masquerade masks, feathers and goblets surround personalized text for the magical event, along with leaves & pumpkins for the autumn theme. A mix of fantasy-style script and elegant print fonts share custom text, which can be changed to suit your own needs for any age and occasion.

See more ideas on the product page here: Masquerade Bridal Shower Invitation. Just request the orange autumn pumpkin version as your starting design in the form if you wish it.

Silvery Magic Pumpkin Shower Invitation - Beautiful Jewel Orange Fall

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