Shamrock Lucky Irish Birthday Invitation Without Photos

This lovely shamrock lucky Irish birthday invitation without photos celebrates your loved one with lots of green! For extra luck, shamrocks twine around the sides of this design, wrapping up your text with Irish style. A simple, elegant print font style is used for most of the text, to make it easy for older guests to read. Highlight your honoree’s name in script as shown here, or in a larger version of the same print font if you prefer.

Use your own wording to suit any style of event and any age of celebration. For this surprise party for their beloved mother, this family chose to say, “Friends and relatives, so fond and dear. It would give us great pleasure, to have you here! Please, join us to celebrate a Surprise Birthday Party for our Dear Mother.”

See more ideas on the product page here: Luck O’ The Irish Birthday Cards. Just pick this no-photo version as your starting design in the form if you wish.

Shamrock Lucky Irish Birthday Invitation Without Photos - Lovely Green

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