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Shabby Chic New Year Wedding Thank You

Peach colors and pastel flowers accent this latest variation on our shabby chic new year wedding thank you card! Based around a square, modular design, this highly customizable layout can be tailored to express your personal thanks to family and friends. Personalized styling features the ability to display up to 12 photos or even none at all! The “blocks” can also be merged to provide more space with which to write a custom verse of thanks, or share larger images as shown below. The beige patterned border and peach colored blocks are yours to change to any patterns and colors as needed. Your personal designer can customize graphics, text and the font choices to match wedding styles as you wish.

See more ideas when you visit our product page for this design here: Square Wedding Holiday Thank You Cards (simply request the peach shabby chic design in the notes field if desired).

Shabby Chic New Year Wedding Thank You - Peach Pastel Flowers

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