Safari Jungle Animal Masks – Party Activity Idea

Safari Jungle Animal Masks – Party Activity Idea for Craft Time!

The kids will love making their own jungle animal masks and this will be a great craft time project as well! Safari Jungle Animal Masks - Party Activity Idea Craft Time Project

You will need the following items:

Crafting foam in various animal colors


Scissors (safety if the children will be using them)

Single hole punch

Using craft foam, have all of the shapes cut out that the children would need to make a certain animal. Most masks will only require two and sometimes three colors of foam. You will want your masks to be approximately 8 inches wide by 5 1/2 inches high, to fit most children. Your elastic will need to be cut 10 1/2 inches long and be fairly thin in diameter or width to tie through the holes and around their head.

There is a wide variety of animal masks you can make. To make a lion mask, use yellow or orange for the face and cut the mane out of brown foam. Cut a small oval nose in black to attach above the cut out nose in the mask.

All masks will need two oval shaped holes for eyes –  spaced 1 – 2 inches apart.

To make a tiger mask, use orange crafting foam to cut out the shape of the mask. Use a permanent black magic marker to draw on the stripes before the children arrive. The ears and nose can also be cut from black foam.

Cut an elephant mask out of gray foam. The shape of your mask should include a four inch long elephant nose and smaller crescent shaped tusks. Attach white foam tusks to the basic tusk shape, which should be already cut from the gray foam. The nose can also be highlighted, using another cut of pink or brown foam glued over the gray shape.

A low temperature hot glue gun can be used by an adult to help the children put together the masks. Use a hole punch to create a hole for the elastic. Punch the hole approximately 1/2 – 1″ inside the mask.

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