Royal Parents Couples Shower Invitation

The royal couple is having a sweet baby prince! Treat the parents like royalty with this castle royal parents couples shower invitation, customized to your unique baby shower needs. To match one couple’s décor, we custom-colored this in navy, pale gray, and bright red; however, we can certainly recolor the castle, wand & crown, and everything else for you.  Simply write your color preferences when you fill out the form on the product page here: Little Prince Royal Shower Invitation.

For a fairytale set, pair with our matching royal thank you cards.

Royal Parents Couples Shower Invitation - Sweet Baby Prince Royalty


  1. Lil Duck Duck

    Handsome Prince Castle Thank You Card

    A handsome castle continues from our Little Prince Royal Shower Invitation, celebrating the coming handsome prince! This handsome prince castle thank you card enchants your guests with your custom wording on the front, so you can use this for any of yo…

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