Royal Couple Fairytale Wedding Invitations

Classic purple & gold colors combine on these royal couple fairytale wedding invitations! You’re invited to a fantasy celebration honoring this lovely pair and their lasting love. A regal Cinderella style carriage is decorated with plenty of scroll work and an optional heart graphic, using a white base for a lovely contrast against the rich purple background. Golden script shares the invitation greeting, while a stylish matched print font hosts all of the wedding event details across the bottom of the design. You may choose to share an engagement photo of the happy couple “in” the fairytale coach for a special touch.

See more ideas and customize this design for your own celebration on the product page here: Fairytale Cinderella Wedding Invitations (simply pick the purple and golden version in the form if desired).

Royal Couple Fairytale Wedding Invitations, Purple & Gold Fantasy


  1. Lil Duck Duck

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