ROTC Commissioning Graduation Invitation

Proudly share your second lieutenant’s accomplishment with this Air Force photo ROTC commissioning graduation invitation! Dark blue and light golden patterns (which can be changed to any colors that you wish) add sophistication along with a formal certificate style font for his name, and classic print for the rest of the text to keep it easily readable. This gentleman had an additional accomplishment to share along with his commissioning, his graduation cum laude with a Bachelors degree, which was included on the same card for economical and keepsake purposes. You could also opt to use flat, double sided card stock for your printing option, using one side for the commissioning invitation and a military photo, and the other side for a commencement photo and graduation details (perhaps also sharing open house or send off party details with the additional space).

See more ideas & personalize this design for any occasion that fits your own 2015 needs here: ROTC Commissioning Invitation.


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