Retro Ingredients Kitchen Bridal Shower Invitation

For a successful marriage, prepare the bride-to-be with this retro ingredients kitchen bridal shower invitation! Custom squares border the design in red, tan and cream, with bold black accents to anchor the design and outline the custom pantry graphics. Retro style script is used for the top verse, which can be customized to anything you wish for a unique design, along with the “What’s for dinner?” classic question and the bride-to-be’s name in red. All of the party details and notes are shared in a matching styled print with script cap accents occasionally  for a designer look. The colors can all be changed to suit your own party theme, the bride-to-be’s wedding colors, or her kitchen colors in her new home that she is preparing for her groom.

See more ideas & customize this design by visiting the product page here: Kitchen Bridal Shower Invitation.

Retro Ingredients Kitchen Bridal Shower Invitation - Bride-to-be Tan

For a custom touch, matching recipe cards are enclosed with her kitchen shower invitations for her guests, printed front and back with lines and customizable text at the top that you can change to anything you wish. These have “A recipe for the kitchen of (the bride & groom-to-be) from:” for keepsakes so that when they use the recipes, they can remember who shared them! Personalize these cards for your own celebration to match your own invitations in any style here: Kitchen Bridal Shower Recipe Cards.

Retro Ingredients Kitchen Bridal Shower Recipe Cards - Bride-to-be Tan

Retro Ingredients Kitchen Bridal Shower Recipe Cards - Bride-to-be Tan

By on February 9, 2015


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