Removing Vaseline Vaporub from hair

One memorable day, a few months ago now, Lil’ Duck discovered the joy of Baby Vaporub. This product must feel especially lovely in hair, because that is exactly where he put it. We tried hot water, shampoo, etc. but it just took about 8-10 washings before it was back to normal (we had some mohawk fun in the meantime). Therefore, we now have a tip for removing Vaseline Vaporub from hair….

If I’d known that putting cornstarch in his hair would sop up the extra oil, it would have saved us a lot of scrubbing. Hopefully I don’t need to use this tip again, but it might help one of you – I’d try it for removing any petroleum-based/oily product. It would probably have also helped us with our vegetable oil flood….. ah, well.

24 thoughts on “Removing Vaseline Vaporub from hair

  1. Well this morning me and my husband woke up to see jordan (my two year old son) and jonathan (my 10 month baby) playing. We thought it was okay to let them ply and rest for a lil while more. My husband woke up because the two boys were making a lot of noise……… That is when he saw jordan happily playing with vicks babyrub on jonathan’s hair. Jordan already had some on his hair which made it even a bigger problem. We have showered both once already but no luck. Jordan hs a history of putting greasy things (like vasoline,lotion, sticky gel) on his hair… We thought that since he is a lil older that habit would go away but I guess it is not…… I guess Jordan has decided to recruit his brother to the put things on your hair club…….

    Thanks for this tip…. I wish I would have decided to online to search for this tip a 2 years ago… So that I would have not being walking in the streets with a alfalfa boy with me every time he wanted to do a greasy hairstyle. Lmao.

  2. I am so glad I found your blog!!!… we are in the process of cleaning my son’s hair right now… my husband washed about 10 times with baby shampoo and soap… rinsed in vinegar (bathroom REALLY stinks!)… and so I am getting ready to go clean with cornstarch… I will be right back…..


    Well, I rubbed cornstarch in for about 5 minutes.. .and you could almost immediately see a difference in the texture of his hair…after I rinsed the cornstarch I followed with Dawn (very carefully)… after I dried it it was SO much better, but still a little greasy, so I am keeping the cornstarch in his hair this time for about 20 minutes to see if it makes a difference…But it DEFINITELY works! Thanks so much for the tip!!!

  3. My daughter found the vapo rub that I had put on my son the night before. She decided that it would be a great idea to put a whole lot of it in her hair. I have washed her hair three times now and really nothing has changed. I cant even stand to touch it. I am going to try this right away… THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

  4. Well we used the Vaseline trick which actually did smother the lice and my son has not had it since. So I guess it works for some. Anyways I incorporated two methods into one. The only thing I could find to get the Vaseline out was Ivory and Aussie Mega Shampoo. Seemed to work though. I will say we had the shinest hair on the block. LOL.

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