Removing stains – the mess of chocolate pudding

Removing stains – the mess of chocolate pudding! After his artistic expression, I used Baby Oxi Clean (the spray) on the carpet and couch and let it sit for a bit. Then I scrubbed it with HOT water and dish soap. It came out!! This isn’t the first time that this couch has taken abuse from the Lil’ Duck, however….

Thankfully it wasn’t on my walls, but if it was, I would have used Neurotic Mom’s comment suggestion of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions – I do have a lock on my fridge, but he is never getting chocolate pudding again.

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  1. Malloree #

    I’m glad it came out and I’m thanlfull for all the ideas .. my 4 yr old daughter had cho. pudding and got p***ed about something and through it all over the walls and carpets .. i tried getting it out with the carpet cleaner with no luck. does anyone have any ideas about getting yogurt out of carpet and perm. marker and nail polish off walls with out taking the paint off? if so it would be much appretiated!!

  2. Martha #

    My daughters got chocolate pudding popsicles on their clothes and I IMMEDIATELY put them in the washing machine and the stains won’t come out.

    I haven’t put them in the dryer yet. Any solutions?

  3. Amy #

    I’m glad it came out! I bet that was a relief to you as well. HAHA Did he help get the stains out :-)

  4. Kailani #

    I didn’t even know they made baby oxi clean. I have to get some of that. I do use the magic eraser a lot . . . like the time my daughter decided to draw a life sized portrait of our family on the wall.

  5. Oh My! And he just looks sooo proud of himself too! I will have to post a pic of my daughter with her first experience with chocolate pudding on my blog. I’ll try and find the pic after I finish here.

    Glad you got it out of the couch. I LOVE my Magic Eraser, although I don’t know if it would work on cloth though.

  6. TC #

    You haven’s seen a couch get abuse until you have seen my little princess get p*ssed off that we moved. She proceeded to sit on the couch and pee on it every day for 1 week!!!! UUUgggghhhh!!!!

  7. Midlife Moments #

    Oh boy can I relate… sadly, our suede couches have been through more than their fair share of pudding (among other things)…

    Glad it came out!

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