Recycling for the bird feeders!

Recycling for the bird feeders! We all know how much fun the little ones have when they get to make pine cone/peanut butter bird feeders, but this is a fun, easy activity that can help teach preschoolers & younger school age children how to recycle at the same time.  It was passed along to me by a fellow mama – enjoy!

What you need…
Mesh Bags (like the ones onions, apples, or oranges come in)
Dryer Lint
Bits of Thread and Yarn

How you do it…
Stuff the mesh bags with dryer lint and short pieces of thread and yarn (supervise younger children).  Hang the bags high in trees and shrubs where birds can find them.  They will use the lint, thread and yarn in their nest-making.

One thought on “Recycling for the bird feeders!

  1. That’s cute – I’ve never tried such a project with my girls! Do you do that only during this time of year when we see all the nests being made or do you do it other times, too?

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