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Rainforest Baby Shower Party Ideas & Activities

Rainforest Baby Shower Party Ideas & Activities:

  • Play Rainforest Sounds Music throughout the party.
  • Build a tree out of colored butcher paper to designate the gift table. (Wrap brown paper around a cylinder. Leave some folds and crinkles in the paper to make it look like bark. Unfold some wire coat hangers. Cut out leaf-like shapes about 2 – 2.5 feet long (think banana trees) out of green paper and attach one leaf to the end of each wire. Stick the bare ends of the wires into the cylinder so that the wire side of the leaves are facing up and the wires are hidden. Attach a few frogs to the trunk of the tree and place on a table.
  • Use banana leaves (on plates) to serve food. Use dark wood or bamboo serving dishes and utensils.
  • Use ingredients that you would find in the rainforest – bananas, mangoes, macadamia and brazil nuts, cocoa, etc.
  • Use bright green colors to decorate the room, cut out photos of tree frogs, toucans & other rainforest animals to hang around the room, use green & blue balloons.
  • Buy inexpensive rainforest-themed fabric, then cut out squares for the table, you may even make napkins if you wish (or just cut large squares to lay on a solid green tablecloth & use dark blue napkins).

Party favors:

  • Use a circle cookie cutter, then cut a triangle out of one side, so it looks like a lily pad, and pipe a cute colorful frog onto each cookie. Wrap in green cellophane & tie with blue curly ribbon.
  • Little bags of gummy frogs
  • Plastic frog toys
  • Use a frog soap mold to make little froggy soaps or chocolates.
  • Foil-wrapped chocolate frogs

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