Quinceanera Invitation Verses & Wording Ideas

We see so many unique Quinceañera & Sweet 15 card wording ideas from our clients, that we wanted to share some of them with you! Here are some favorite Quinceanera invitation verses (also see our photo Quinceanera invitation gallery for more ideas and inspiration).

  • Quinceanera Invitation Verses & Sweet 15 Card Wording IdeasOnce upon a time, a little girl had a dream… to have a beautiful party, where she turned 15! To have a guest like you, would be a delight…so please come join us for ____’s Magical Night!
  • Mr. & Mrs. ___ request the pleasure of your company at their daughter’s Quinceañera.
  • I, ____, with God’s blessing, and the love my parents have given me, feel proud for reaching this time in my life, when dreams of a little girl become a reality of a young woman.
  • You are cordially invited to a sweet masquerade to celebrate the Quinceañera of _____.
  • Together with my parents, _____ I cordially invite you to the celebration on _____ at a Mass of Thanksgiving in honor of my fifteenth birthday at…
  •  My fairytale is almost here, And it has my parents close to tears, Their little girl is becoming a young lady. It felt like yesterday I was a baby, Goodbye dolls, cartoons and toys, Hello parties, make-up and boys!
  • A blessing from God came to our home on the day our daughter was born! With pleasure and pride, we have seen her grow and fill our home and our hearts with love. Now we request your presence at the Fifteenth Birthday Celebration of our daughter, ____
  • We would like to thank our family, who have shared their journey from childhood to young women.  Their support and love has guided us to have faith in God and reminded us of the importance of family.Quinceanera Invitation Verses & Sweet 15 Card Wording Ideas
  • Mr. & Mrs. ___, proud parents of princess ____, along with her Heavenly Father, are honored to call her “ours”. The unfolding story of ___ continues on, as we pause for a moment, to look at the beautiful masterpiece she is becoming & celebrate what the Lord is doing with her. We would be delighted and honored with your presence at her sweet 15, celebrating with us this priceless time in her life as she begins her journey of womanhood.
  •  I have the honor of inviting you and your family to a party in honor of my Fifteenth Birthday, which will be offered by my parents.
  • It seems like only yesterday that our daughter was born, she was so tiny, fragile like a doll. Fifteen beautiful years have passed, and she is now a young lady. We give thanks to God for the privilege of raising her and invite you to the celebration of her Fifteenth Birthday on…

See even more ideas and use any of these on the designs in our Quinceanera birthday invitation gallery today. Customize your own sweet 15 card wording on any card design to suit your own memorable Mis Quince event!

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