Privacy Policy

At Lil Duck Duck, we want to put you in control of your Personal Data, and this Privacy Policy explains how we do that when you use or access our Services. “Personal Data” means any information that identifies or relates to a particular individual and also includes information referred to as “personally identifiable information” or “personal information” under applicable data privacy laws, rules, or regulations.


Lil Duck Duck does not and will not track or store any information about your activity. Part of how we do this is by using differential privacy, which is a way of aggregating preferences of people and drawing insights without attributing any of those insights to a particular person. Lil Duck Duck does not know who you are or how you’re using our Services.

Typically, businesses store your profile with a long record of your history and activity so they can understand your behavior over time. This leaves your information vulnerable. It can be leaked, hacked, given away or sold to others. Lil Duck Duck does not do this. We believe that you should be in control of your data. Further examples of this are below:

Anonymous Metrics: We want you to have a great time using our service. So we built private metrics, which means that we can understand how our service is being used and improve the experience without tracking your every movement. Most companies collect very detailed information about your interactions with their websites (such as when you access them, what pages you visit, and what purchases you make), and aggregate the data later on their servers to understand how people use their apps. We decide ahead of time what aggregations to make, and perform those aggregations on our servers so we never save your information.

Email addresses: To use Lil Duck Duck’s Services, you do not need to log-in, create a user account or give us your email address. However, you may choose to provide us with your email address in connection with a support request (you can also report an issue anonymously) or on our website if you want to receive updates from us via email. You do not have to, and to be frank, we don’t really want your email addresses! This is why we’ve made it possible to report bugs or provide feedback anonymously.

Email addresses are Personal Data, and so we treat them with care. We do not disclose your Personal Data to third parties for business purposes. We do not sell your Personal Data. If you want us to delete your email address, please contact us.

Other Important Information

‍We will comply with legal requests when we have a legal obligation to do so. But they can’t request what we don’t have, and we don’t expect to be able to provide anything.

We’re constantly trying to improve our Services, so we may update this Privacy Policy. Any changes will become effective when we post the revised Privacy Policy, and we’ll announce it to let you know. If you keep using Lil Duck Duck after a change, that means you accept all of the changes. If you don’t agree with the changes, that’s ok! It just means you can no longer use our Services.

As noted here and in the Terms of Use, we do not want your Personal Data. And so we do not knowingly collect or solicit personally identifiable information from anyone (unless you want to provide us with your email address), including children under 13. If you are a child under 13, please do not send us any personal information, including your email address. If we learn that a child under 13 has sent us any personal information, we will delete that information as quickly as possible.

Updated: 09/15/2019.