Purple Giraffe Jungle Thank You Card

A Thank You card that pairs excellently with our Jungle Safari shower and birthday invitations, this purple giraffe jungle thank you card wraps up any party occasion! Even by itself, this sweet pastel purple design is great for any occasion of thanks. The border is a printed purple giraffe pattern, surrounding friendly birds, elephants, monkeys, lions and giraffes smiling their “thank you” message to your family and friends.

While a “Thank You” message is present on the front of this double sided card, the back has ample space for a hand written, personal thank you message if desired. Colors, fonts, wording and graphics are all able to be changed to suit your needs if needed. To see how this design can be customized for your event, place your own free no obligation proof request on the product page here: Jungle Safari Girl Thank You Cards (just ask for the lavender giraffe version in the notes field if desired).

Purple Giraffe Jungle Thank You Card - Safari Shower Birthday Party

Front of Card

Purple Giraffe Jungle Thank You Card Back - Safari Shower Birthday Party

Back of Card

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