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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Deluxe Edition (Classic Seuss)can inspire anyone who is entering a new phase of life – college, professional life, marriage, highschool – the sky’s the limit!   While Dr. Seuss’s books are popularly known as children’s books, this book can touch older people deeply. Several years ago, I attended a luncheon for college seniors, and a professor read this book to the graduating class.  As I scanned the faces of the graduates there, I could see that […]

Our FLOR Customizable Area Rug – The Duck Review

I must admit that I was eager to try out the FLOR customizable area rug from the get go. Seeing limited offerings in flooring stores while shopping for new carpet and tile had piqued my interest – however since the offerings were so limited, I did not look at the option of customizable area rugs or wall to wall carpeting (piece by piece) as a serious option.  Then came FLOR! They have many options and varieties of fabrics and colors. […]

Easter Ham Special from Honey Baked Ham

Easter is such a wonderful celebration and we love to have a special dinner to add to the other celebrations of the day… Easter Egg Hunts, Church Worship Service and a special family dinner with a Honey Baked Ham and all the fixings :). The flavor and the moistness of their hams is beyond comparison to any other brands we have tried. Their side dishes are always tasty when they have samples in the store when I pick up either […]

Children’s Drawing Software Program Review

Children’s Drawing Software Program Review Casual games are all the rage now, and the kids gaming and educational market are no exception. There is a lot to be said for introducing a child to basic technology skills early and you can certainly do worse than Sabi’s ItzaBitza. The game has an impressive drawing recognition program that makes the experience great for kids that have little or no drawing experience. The game is toted as a great assistant for helping kids […]

Teaching Children To Brush Their Teeth With Oral-B

Teaching Children To Brush Their Teeth With Oral-B: How do you encourage your children to brush their teeth properly and learn lifelong brushing habits? It is usually a struggle between the parent brushing their teeth or letting the child do it and risking them not doing a complete job! There is a new Oral-B Triumph Smart Guide toothbrush that every member of the family will like. Why is this new Braun toothbrush better than the other models? Children will like […]

Gift Ideas – Oral B Triumph Electric Toothbrush Special Discount

For your gift giving ideas, have you looked at a practical yet new product from Oral B – it’s their new Triumph electric toothbrush. Everyone can use a new toothbrush – it is practical and useful plus you get a discount on this special offer! The Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide is the first and only power toothbrush that uses a wireless digital display to help improve your brushing habits. It also has sensor to tell you if you’re brushing too […]