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Easter Ham Special from Honey Baked Ham

Easter is such a wonderful celebration and we love to have a special dinner to add to the other celebrations of the day… Easter Egg Hunts, Church Worship Service and a special family dinner with a Honey Baked Ham and all the fixings :). The flavor and the moistness of their hams is beyond comparison […]

Children’s Drawing Software Program Review

Children’s Drawing Software Program Review Casual games are all the rage now, and the kids gaming and educational market are no exception. There is a lot to be said for introducing a child to basic technology skills early and you can certainly do worse than Sabi’s ItzaBitza. The game has an impressive drawing recognition program […]

Teaching Children To Brush Their Teeth With Oral-B

Teaching Children To Brush Their Teeth With Oral-B: How do you encourage your children to brush their teeth properly and learn lifelong brushing habits? It is usually a struggle between the parent brushing their teeth or letting the child do it and risking them not doing a complete job! There is a new Oral-B Triumph […]

Managing Daily Life – Cozi Back to School

School starts here in Florida in mid August (so different from the northern states we are used to…) and while the getting back to a schedule is welcomed, managing it can be challenging! Remember the Cozi home organizer system we talked about before? They have a special offer to add to their great organizing software […]

Interaction Wall-E – the preschooler’s review!

Wall-E is a much beloved figure around the Duck household, even before the movie came out. The very first Wall-E toy that we got for Lil’ Duck was this Interaction Wall-E, who loves to chatter and play. Lil’ Duck loves to play with him, the switch is easy to turn off and he likes to […]

Grocery Savings Help – Get Back To The Table!

I found this new site with many truly helpful suggestions and ideas on how to save on the family and household budget. Hey, if a mother of seven can save and have the time to do these same tips, then so can I! We all are needing to stretch our grocery budget, and still find […]