Product Reviews

Teaching Children To Brush Their Teeth With Oral-B

Teaching Children To Brush Their Teeth With Oral-B: How do you encourage your children to brush their teeth properly and learn lifelong brushing habits? It is usually a struggle between the parent brushing their teeth or letting the child do it and risking them not doing a complete job! There is a new Oral-B Triumph […]

Staying Healthy Throughout The Year…

Staying Healthy Throughout The Year… Here is a great free resource from Clorox to help you and your family stay healthy at all times of the year. We pass along the following information sent to us… Even though the “traditional cold season” is supposed to end in late winter, its important for parents to remember […]

Toy of the Week – Little Einstein’s “Pat Pat Rocket”

Why do children latch into certain toys, waking up and asking about that one or two toys immediately? Lil’ Duck asks about his Pat Pat Rocket every morning and it is never far from him throughout his day. As an adult it doesn’t look all that appealing to me, but putting the characters in their […]

Christian Children’s Music – Go Fish

Looking for good Christian music for your children? Tired of dumbed down lyrics and low quality music? You will enjoy the group, Go Fish. They have lyrics that teach with quality music that parents and children enjoy. We have enjoyed this trio for years and are delighted that they have children’s music for Lil’ Duck […]

Toy of the Week – Classic Wooden Tree House

Toy of the Week – Classic Wooden Tree House! What goes up the ladder? What goes down the trap door? All types of play cars of course! With a pre-schooler’s imagination, any toy can play in the Tree House…and you thought only little play people would want to play in on the different levels and […]

Nestle Nesquik Review

Nestle Nesquik Review – Chocolate flavor with 25% less sugar. When you try out anything with the words “less” or “tastes the same” you usually are more disappointed than you are impressed. Let’s face it, when you take something out, you lose it. Have you ever tried caffeine free diet mountain dew? If you have […]

Fruity Cheerios Review – A Fruity Alternative

Fruity Cheerios Review – A Fruity Alternative By Daddy Creature When you walk down the aisle at your local supermarket for cereals, an armada of choices assault your eyes. The big names from General Mills, Kellogg’s and the local generic brand are all trying to get your attention with either the latest sweet tooth hook […]

Thirteen toddler book suggestions

Here are thirteen of our toddler book suggestions from Lil Duck’s collection, he sends his recommendations also! Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman. The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper, George Hauman, and Doris Hauman – teaches a positive outlook on things. Down by the Cool of the Pool by Tony Mitton & […]