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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Geek Dad

The geek father is a tough one to shop for. Here at Lil’ Duck Duck we have a couple of geek dads, and we asked them what they most wanted to receive for Christmas. Here are their Holiday Gift Ideas for the Geek Dad!   Doctor Who 17 oz. Figural Tardis Mug Doctor Who has been around for a LONG time but in 2005 the series found new life and has once again become a cultural touchstone. Here you can have […]

Turn of the Tide: Laundry Pods!

Over the years, my laundry room has seen its share of Tide bottles. Even though I don’t use it in every wash, a cycle in Tide does wonders for keeping little-boy shirts and socks bright and clean-looking. And, yes, the little boy likes to help mommy with the laundry, but sometimes the detergent spills too much into or outside of (!) the machine. That’s why I’m looking forward to trying Tide Pods Spring Meadow. Fresh scent? No extra detergent spills? […]

Olay Total Effects Review – Easy Florida Mornings!

What do little boys, puppies, and a home business have in common? All three of them start stampeding in the early morning, and they don’t leave much time for primping. I wasn’t sure if I would ever make time for facial moisturizer in the mornings, but now that I’ve tried Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer, little boys will just have to wait a bit! After all, the Florida sun is often a hazard to my light-skinned face. Not […]

Veggie Tales Game Review: Step by Story – Larry’s Missing Music

Veggie Tales Game Review: Step by Story – Larry’s Missing Music My son loves to help me review games! He will take any chance he has to get his hands on the coveted controller or iPod Touch. So today’s assignment was Veggie Tales: Step by Story – Larry’s Missing Music. Developed under license by Playful Owl, LLC, the game has a very simple goal: To help kids from 2 – 6, or pre reading to early reading, form sentence structure, […]

A Big Idea from VeggieTales

A fresh serving of “veggie” games, lessons, and fun are now available online!  Big Idea Entertainment has launched its brand-new website for children VEGGIETALES.COM® Press Release: FRANKLIN, TN (March 1, 2011) Big Idea Entertainment, the leading faith-based studio and producer of children’s and family programming, characters and brands, announced today the launch of an all-new VeggieTales-themed website for children at VeggieTales fans nationwide can now experience the highly interactive and entertaining new site that incorporates many fun and engaging […]

Healthy Boundaries & Cell Phones

Once again, we bring you this week’s installment from BlogHer on how to protect your teens from those cell-phone bullies and gossips. This week, everyone’s talking about how to set loving and healthy boundaries for your teens when it comes to texting and other cell phone activities.  Check out other parents’ advice and questions at LG TextEd hub, and feel free to leave your own insights there too.  For every comment you make, a .$50 donation will be made to […]

Cracking the Texting Code

Ever wonder what those odd strings of letters mean in your teens’ text messages? For the next four weeks, BlogHer is hosting a program to help you understand your teens’ texting culture and ways you can fight bullies, gossipers, and other harmful influences that have access to your teen through texting.  This week, BlogHer is talking about “Mobile Meanness” and how to understand texting lingo.  You can view this week’s five posts at the LG TextEd hub, and for every […]