Prince Birthday Invitation Verse Samples

For your little prince party, a royal party prince birthday invitation makes a charming first impression. These prince birthday invitation verse samples are cute opening verses to introduce your party Prince Birthday Invitation Verse Samples - Party Designsand get your guests in a party mood – they can be used on any of our prince birthday invitation designs also.

1. Hear ye, hear ye…. It’s a royal celebration, Our Little Prince ____ is turning ___!

2. Hear ye, hear ye… Please join us in some royal fun, the king of the castle, our sweet baby Prince _______ is turning ONE!

3. Hear ye, hear ye, noble guests! Please join us for merriment and magic at Prince ______’s 1st birthday ball.

4. Hear ye, hear ye…. Please join us for royal fun, It’s the ___ birthday of Prince ___ & Princess ___!

5. Hear ye, hear ye…. Join us for a royal to-do, Our baby is turning _______! Prince ____________

6. Prince _________ will be celebrating his ___ birthday in medieval style! Please join us for the adventure…

7. Little Prince ___________ is turning _____! Please join us at the castle for a feast.

8. Ahoy, hearties! Come aboard for Pirate Prince ______’s ___ birthday bash on the high seas!

9. Join us for a leaping party, as our Frog Prince ____ turns ___!

10. Our little frog Prince ______ invites you for hopping fun!

11. Hear ye, hear ye…. Join us to leap & bounce with froggy fun, our baby frog Prince ____ is turning ___!

12. Double the magic, double the cake…Please join us to celebrate our princes’ birthdays!

13. His Tiny Highness _______ invites you to his castle for a royal birthday event!

14. Shining armor and birthday enchantment, please join us for Prince _______’s ___ birthday adventure!

15. Once upon a time, a King and Queen decided to celebrate their baby boy with a royal ball. You are invited to the birthday enchantment as Prince ______ turns _____.

16. Dreams do come true!  A year ago, the King and Queen were blessed with Prince _______ and now they invite you to his ____ birthday feast.

17.  Hear ye, hear ye!  Announcing a royal birthday ball for lil’ handsome Prince _____’s _____ birthday!

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