Preventing the great diaper escapes!

Preventing the great diaper escapes!  I’m thankful that Lil’ Duck isn’t too bad about removing his diaper. Now, he’s been known to try it a few times, but generally leaves it on (especially surprising because he’s often just in a diaper in this heat, and because he’s always doing something to get into trouble ;)). For all the other little ones who are escapees, here are some ideas from parents and their pediatricians for keeping them IN those diapers:

  • Double it! Put a regular diaper on as normal, then use another diaper one size larger over the top, fastening it backwards so it is harder for them to reach the tabs.
  • Duct tape! Place a strip over the top of the diaper & the tabs, making sure that the end of the strip is in the back so it is harder to reach. For those who wiggle out of the diapers, wrap the duct tape around the stretchy sides too. Make sure it is real duct tape as other types won’t hold as well.
  • Clothing helps! Dressing them in the pajamas where the shirt and pants snap together, especially if they snap in the back as well.
    • I’ve had limited success with the one-piece footed sleepers for Lil’ Duck, although he can now unzip them even with the snap over the top part of the zipper. If he can’t get it off and he wants that diaper off though, he will get it off inside his outfit so that it ends up smashed down one leg. Now, that is definitely not a pretty sight if the diaper is full, as you can imagine!
    • Some put the zippered sleepers on backwards or safety-pin/duct-tape the zipper to the top of the sleeper. I can’t see the backwards thing fitting properly and the idea of putting something sharp near the little one sounds scary to me. None of these solve the down-one-leg problem, but it’s worth mentioning, anyway.

Let me know if you have other ideas that work as well in the comments section below. Some people will say that escaping is one of the signs of potty-training readiness, so that’s another possibility to consider.

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  1. Maybe it is time to consider potty training. The age that’s appropriate to start training has changed back and forth over the years.

    Our first daughter was potty trained by about 15 months, but our second waited until after she was 2. The reason it took her so long is that she would wet the training pants, take them off, put them in the dirty clothes, get herself a clean pair, and I wouldn’t even know she had done it until I stepped in the puddle!

    Now they don’t even start training until after 2, do they? It really just depends on the individual child. One reason ours trained earlier is that they weren’t in disposable diapers, and cotton diapers and training pants feel horrible when they’re wet.

  2. Omg.. that’s so cute… lol I’m actually picturing in my head right now when my son will be old enough to rip off his diapers and run around…. haha, I’m going to hate cleaning up after him if he does do that though . Good suggestions

  3. Undercover Angel #

    I used to do the duct tape (only I used masking tape) thing when my kids were small. It works really well and kept them in their diapers. It was also handy because I kept it right in the diaper bag and you always come across a diaper that the tab breaks off of…

  4. Use a pull up over the diaper.

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