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Pretty Tree Owlet Shower Invitation

Nesting in the treetop, a pretty pink owl peeks out at your guests, welcoming them to your girly baby shower. This baby owlet shower invitation accents your wording with bluebirds of happiness, pink & blue butterflies, ribbon graphics, and more.  You can borrow the whoo-filled verse shown here, but since all the wording is customizable, you can completely change the wording to any cute owl phrases you like.

We can also change the woodsy border and cream background to your taste, simply request your personalization on the product page here: Butterfly Owl Baby Shower Invitation (simply request the wood-like patterned border style as your starting design if you like this one).

Owlet Shower Invitation - Pretty Tree Pink Owl Girly Baby Bluebirds

Matching Address Label Butterfly Owl Pastel

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