Prettiest Decorations for a Pumpkin Princess Party

Prettiest Decorations for a Pumpkin Princess PartyMake your little girl’s dream come true with a beautiful pumpkin princess party! These ideas for pretty decorations transform your home from the everyday to a pumpkin patch fairyland worthy of a princess. The very prettiest decorations for a pumpkin princess party are sure to be had by your beautiful autumn girl!

1.  Spray paint pumpkins in gold and silver.  These can define party areas, grouped around your home entrance, or anywhere else you wish.  If you use these for table decorations, add a few little white mice toys (such as cat toys) to be the enchanted mice. You can also curl green curling ribbon to look like pumpkin vines.

2.  Use rolled orange and green crepe to make the ceiling and walls look special.  For a softer, ethereal look, use orange and green tulle.

3.  Buy decorative weights (available at party stores and dollar stores) and orange and silver balloons.  Blow the balloons up with a helium tank and group on your tables, to each guest chair, or around the party area for instant color.  You can also have a bunch of balloons at the end of your driveway, so that guests easily find your home.

4.  On the party tables, intersperse the pumpkins with silk fall flowers.  Feel free to mix orange and yellow flowers with other girly colors, such as pink and purple flowers.

5.  On the birthday princess’ chair, spread a satiny orange cover, so that it resembles a throne. Decorate it with more balloons.

6.  If you prefer to have a metallic princess throne, you can spray-paint an old chair with gold or silver, glue plastic jewels to it, and put an orange pillow on the seat.

7.  A grand entrance always make the party more special!  Hang a banner that says “Bibbidi bobbidi boo, we welcome you!” or  something more formal like “Welcome to the Castle [your last name] for Princess ____’s __ birthday ball.”   and group pumpkins by the door.  If you are the crafty type, make a princess scarecrow to stand by your front door and clothe it in a tiara, mop wig, and pretty dress.

Also be sure to check out our princess birthday invitations & fall pumpkin cards, which can all be personalized to suit your own fall pumpkin princess’ party!


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